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All about Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small bugs that are oval in shape and brown in colour. They’re a typical domestic pest that may be troublesome in the house if not cared for immediately. It is important to educate yourself about them so that if they attack your home you are able to take necessary precautions.

Nature of bedbugs

Bedbugs reproduce by laying eggs just like most insects do. A mature female bedbug lays hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. Hence, the bedbug population can increase rapidly within a short time period. They shed their skin as they develop. During the process of a new bug reaching full size, the hard outer shell is shed five times. They feed on blood and eat at night they make their homes close to where human sleep. They do not spread disease but only cause annoyance and the idea of having creatures crawling around and sucking your blood during your resting time at night.

How Bedbugs enter Your Property

They arrive on something. It could be via a luggage you came with from camping or a relative’s location. Your clothes if you sat on a sofa infested with all the pest. A bit of furniture which you purchase, especially the second hand ones. They could also crawl from the neighbor in your house.

Signs of bed bug attack in the house

Waking up with itchy bites that you did not encounter the former morning could be an indicator of the menace. They bite any part of the human body. They are not too small in size and can be spotted. The very first place to check is your bed since they feed throughout the night time when people are asleep. You should not only check the bed but also the sheets, curtains and other fabrics in the house. Their eggs and debris out of older eggs may also be easily seen. If all this is completed and you are not able to see any bedbugs, then the bites could have been caused by something else.

How to Eliminate bedbugs

Getting a reputable pest control company is the best option to get rid of the pests. Trying to get rid of these by cleaning can be somewhat tricky. If cleaning is not done carefully, they could easily reproduce and the chances of going back to square one is quite high. I dealing with them in your own is the only option, then you should ensure that you clean and inspect everywhere. The clothes and curtains should thoroughly be cleaned in addition to bedding. For the households that cannot be washed, the use of dryer could come in handy because of the high temperatures. This suffocates the bedbugs. Even after doing all of the thorough cleaning, inspection is necessary over and over again to be sure they are gone.

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