Making Full Use of Your Attic Space

A house is one of the centers of any person’s life. This is where many important events happen. It’s where people hold Thanksgiving dinners, teach a baby to walk and sit with a grandparent discussing life. Many homeowners look for ways to make use of each space in their home. In many instances, they have spaces they don’t use very often. A homeowner may have a basement they only use when they have parties. They may have an attic they only use for storage. In many instances, people will find they need more space in their home. One of the best places to look for extra space is in the attic. Making use of existing attic is ideal if people need an additional guest bedroom, an office or just a space to relax on a rainy day.

Preparing the Attic

Sometimes, an attic has lots of potential but may have minor details that simply don’t work. This is where it can be helpful to think about how best to bring out such potential. Keep in mind that may attic spaces are slightly awkward with many corners and small windows. The flooring may irregular with some places missing boards. There may be other problems in the space such as height issues. It’s a good idea to think about what can be fixed right now and what cannot be fixed without a lot more work. A simple fix like laying down some good quality rugs can really help make the entire space more usable.

The Right Temperature

Another important thing to think about are the temperatures. Regulating the heat and cold can be harder here. Hot air rises so an attic can be hotter than the rest of the home. A whole house fan shutter can get rid of the heat in the room and also help decrease heat in the summer in the rest of the house at the same time. Windows should be covered during the colder months to help keep in heat. Bring up a small heater to help warm up the entire space and make it pleasingly cozy during the winter. Look closely for any cracks in the windows. They should be fixed so that no air leaks out.

Details Really Matter

In the attic, details really matter. An attic may have a relatively small space compared to the rest of the home. In that case, it really helps to think closely about the overall plan of the room. Any homeowner wants a space that is truly theirs. When looking for ways to make it useful, it’s a good idea to consider how to make it inviting. Using paint can help brighten up the space. Other elements can also be useful. A long chaise can provide hours of reading pleasure. The right window coverings also help create a welcoming space. Each part of the decorating plan should work to help make this attic a special, wonderful and useful addition to your home.