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Using Interior Plantation Shutters in Your Home Design When designing a new home, or updating an old one, one of the finishing design touches that are put on the home is window treatments. There is no shortage of variety in window treatments, but finding something that pleases the greatest number of people can be the real struggle. While every designer and manufacturer has their own opinion, if you want an interior window treatment that can truly do it all, you should select interior plantation shutters for your home. If you surveyed a group of people, their most frequently mentioned criteria for any type of window treatment would be that they wish for adequate privacy from whatever window treatment is chosen. This is why blinds have become so popular, because they offer privacy that curtains and other treatments simply do not. However, interior plantation shutters offer that same privacy aspect, and even more so in some cases. Blinds leave many gaps for both light and eyes to come through, but plantation shutters are actually built in, eliminating these gaps between window treatment and window frame. Interior plantation shutters are also simple and quick to open and close, without the possibilities of tangles or of blinds getting caught crooked, or falling down completely. Next, it is almost inarguable that interior plantation shutters just look better. Some sing the praises of wood blinds as a good “standard” look, but blinds can easily become jaunty and off-kilter. With interior plantation shutters, since they are one piece they are always in prime form, even for long periods of time. Cleaning is more simple with plantation shutters because of their design, and a vacuum or cleaning cloth can easily get rid of dust and debris. There is no doubt about it, when it comes to design savvy, interior plantation shutters are the way to go.
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Even though interior plantation shutters can seem like a huge up-front investment, this investment evens out over the long haul and makes plantation shutters a better and wiser purchase. Interior plantation shutters can stand up to a beating, and there is no reason that they shouldn’t last for years and hold up well to the elements that come with being in a family home. As anyone who has had blinds can attest, their plastic and wood can snap easily. There are all kinds of interior plantation shutters made from materials that are more stain or dust resistant, and won’t break on you after a short amount of time. This keeps them looking just like the day you bought them for decades to come.
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For something durable and attractive that will certainly appeal to the masses, make sure to choose interior plantation shutters. With a put together look and ease of cleaning, interior plantation shutters are ideal for homes of all styles and people of all backgrounds.